International wholesale of pharmaceutical drugs, diagnostics, related products and beauty products.

Grapharma is an internationally operating company in medicine and medical devices. With 36 years of experience in the purchase and sale of medical products for human use. We also supply products for personal care, cosmetics and beauty. These include face care, hair care, oral care, shaving products, bath and shower products, skin care products, eye and sun protection products, perfumes and much more.


Grapharma's success in doing business for such a long time is due to adherence to our core values and qualities. This is also reflected in our long-term partnerships and customer relationships. In international trade, it is important that parties can count on each other. That is why trust and reliability are paramount in relationships with our customers and suppliers. We have an extensive network including almost all medium-sized and large producers. Other customers of our products are the large parallel importers. In addition, we have experience in supplying hospitals, pharmacies and general practitioners.


Our knowledge of the market enables us to offer them at competitive prices. It is therefore no wonder that so many customers and suppliers know where to find us. It goes without saying that Grapharma has all the licenses necessary for the trade in all conceivable pharmaceutical goods.


If you are interested in Grapharma's services, feel free to contact us. We can then discuss our products, our international networks and what we can do for you.


Aart van Riel